The Every Damn Day Fitness Volume Training Program by Alan Roberts

The Every Damn Day Fitness Volume Training Program by Alan Roberts
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Fitness is RENTED.

This is exactly what Alan Roberts, founder of Every Damn Day Fitness will tell you – boldly, directly, and right to your face.

This is why you need to train regularly and train hard – and […]

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Not having seen the program but it sounds like a German Volume Training / 8x8 Vince Gironda routine hybrid or a modified version of one or both of them. Both of these programs are good and pretty tough when you do them right. I have tried both and I have tried a modified version of the German Volume Training system. There are 2 or 3 of these modified versions out there that I know of. The 8x8 enforces how important the rest periods are to help you with your cardiovascular system. Great programs to build muscle and lose fat at the same time.
Nothing against Alan, I too enjoy his channel but these types of programs are free online. I am curious to what Alan’s credentials are. Has he ever competed, ? Has he ever trained any clients who have competed ? Does he have any certifications ? What’s his background ? I am just not willing to pay money for workout advice to just anyone on YouTube. Heck, it would be like me charging money to put a program together for someone…LOL What are my credentials ? I have competed twice and been around the iron game for 20+ years but I would never charge anyone or make any money if I did…LOL
I am not trying to be a debbie downer or offend anyone, especially Alan, just cautious.


I watched one of the first videos of CJ doing the program, and he does say it’s 10 sets of 10, with a specific rest period (i think they said 90 seconds). This is basically German volume training, except when I was reading about GVT, it was just one compound movement, not any support exercises, and 60 seconds of rest. This seems like he’s more or less using that template, but bumping up the volume even more. I hadn’t heard of Alan before they made this blog post though, so I can’t comment on his qualifications. All I can say, is that Charles Poliquin claims to be the one who introduced Americans to German Volume Training and he complained about people trying to modify it. It’s already a tried and true system, and people think they can make a better version, but most of the time, they can’t. That said, I don’t see anything wrong with this one, but it is a boatload of volume, and if done properly, could likely push a lot of people into an overtraining state. Still interesting though.


That’s how I was figuring it to be. I have seen several modifications of German Volume Training, even one that has you do 10 sets of 5 with increases of weight but several auxiliary exercises throw into the mix. I don’t think there would be anything wrong with Alan’s program, I just dont see how he can charge $60 for it. He is just a YouTuber. I even have a YouTube channel…:slight_smile: Even Marc Lobliner doesn’t charge for his programs he created and he has the background and experience to charge if he wanted to. Even Kris Gethin had many free programs until made you pay for it.


People have gotta make money somehow. If people will pay for it, good for him for finding a market.

That said, I wouldn’t tbh.


I have created some workout programs, and made a couple modified programs from a 5x5 routine. Maybe I should try and sell them ?


If you’ve got a following who trust you to put them on the right track, do it.

If not, then, well, that’s the difference between you and him.


I always love the “what are your credentials”…

Let’s see I have trained people for years… have a degree in healthcare administration… am NASM certified… have on film personally lost over 50+ pounds of fat in 4 months… and have on film also squatted over 570…

Now how about the credentials of those asking for credentials… please include video of any claims.

That way it can be judged whether you possibly have the credentials to judge the credentials of others.


I don’t think anyone was taking a stab at you. It’s just that some of us hadn’t heard of you before, and so were wondering if your program would be worth it. That’s what I had taken away at least.


That was my point exactly.