Test Boosters that work

I am reaching out to see if anyone has had any luck with these boosters. I am 46 and my levels get tested at the end of the month. I tried the very expensive Testo Fuel last year and felt some labido change but nothing else. I am currently taking Neanderthal, by Primeval Labs, every night. With all of the research I have done on them It appears that really none of them work for increasing T levels. Has anyone tried any and can recommend. I was looking at M-Test.

You should seek a doctor if your levels are low.
Natty Test Boosters IMO are the most overpriced and overhyped products on the market. They do next to nothing for muscle gains, raising test levels, and the price. You may see some libido and enhancements in the gym, but not enough to justify the price of them.

When it comes to your health and if your levels are low. You need to seek medical attention. no OTC supplement will be a miracle pill to help restore your health and testosterone.

Ive ran a lot of natty test boosters in the past, lots of laxo products from company and never got anything from them. Maybe there will be others that love and respond well to them, but I never have.

Massacre, Epilogue, M-Test, and FD 2.0 are popular ones.


I’m sure @mattceno will agree that Boom Stick is a solid go-to. Check out Redcon1’s recent IG post

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Boom Stick nearly/almost throws everything natty at it that you can. With the fully-dosed Ashwaganda it goes one step further than Neanderthal. Primeval chose to keep it powder, RedCon1 couldn’t make that happen with a full dose of it.

One thing Neanderthal is also missing that may work well for @rye is DHEA! It does very well in males 50+, you’re not there yet, but close… BOOM STICK has a big dose of it.

CEL M-Test is a product doing some totally different stuff than the above two, so also worth a stab. It’s very well-priced.

If you’re still low after that, it’s either time to look at diet (increase saturated fats, cholesterol, and veggies), or that’s just how it is… TRT or just age gracefully :frowning:

Also no fapping may help, heh:


My understanding is that anything “natty” is a libido boost at best (it may raise your test WNL a few points, but test at the high end of WNL compared to the low end of WNL is all but irrelevant overall). That said, my knowledge and experience primarily deals with men in their youth, more “experienced” populations may have different mileage.

Never worth it.

There is not a legal dietary supplement that actually increases total testosterone in men naturally. Not reliably and safely. If so, it would be the highest selling supplement in the industry.

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Thank You guys… much appreciated. No TRT for me Mike. it’s not that bad.


Then eat a higher fat diet (Meats, Eggs) that should help raise test a bit. Focus on spending the money on essentials and pass on the natty test boosters.

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Test results back. The number is 443

This is while not on anything? Probably on the “lowish” end, but technically not low. Not sure of your age though, I’m sure there’s some good average data nearby

He wrote “46” in his original post.

I actually knew that, so I must have been thinking one thing and typing the other. Now I’m not sure what I really meant to type.

Overall it’s not that bad of a number and still within range. I’d be interested in seeing if BOOM STICK and its DHEA alongside everything else did anything.

Mike, I started Boom Stick today. 2 tubs will give me 60 days. We will see.

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