Tell SNS What You Would Like to See From Us (2020 Edition)

This thread is from the boss on a different forum.

We had a thread last year that produced a lot of suggestions. Some we were already able to offer and some are in various stages of production.

I wanted to start a fresh thread to get some ideas to see what people would like to see from SNS and Competitive Edge Labs in 2020.

Feel free to suggest single ingredient and/or combination ideas.

Here are a few things we get asked for in other places that I’d like to get opinions on:

Eria Jarensis caps
Paradoxine caps
Dynamine caps
Kava Caps
Cissus Powder
BHB Caps & Powder

Formulas we’ve been asked about/for in this thread:
Anti-Aging Product
Stim Pre-Workout (we already have VasoForce Rush caps; would be willing to do powder version if people want)
EAA Product
Creatine/Muscle Recovery Product - already in the works with the daily ergogenic
Electrolyte product
Libido Supplement
Blood Pressure Supplement
Heart Health Supplement
Optimize-T (test booster that we’ve been discussing for awhile)
Sleep Aid - confirmed
Inflammation product - confirmed
Curcumin product - confirmed
Digestive product featuring PepZin GI (maybe + Probiotic + Gentian)
A probiotic with TWK10

Single Ingredient products we’ve been asked for in this thread:
(Note - even if we don’t do them as singles, they may be included in formulas)

Peak 02 - confirmed
KannaEase - confirmed
Maral Root
Pine Pollen
Siberian Ginseng
Lodhra/Symplocos Racemosa Extract
Phosphatidic Acid
PrimaVie (maybe with CoQ10)
Leucine Caps
High % Salidrosides
Anacylus Pyrethrum DC Root Extract - everyone of course asks for the same as the original PES AnaBeta but no one can guarantee that because no one knows exactly what that was besides them.
Cistanche Deserticola/Tubulosa (strongest extract possible)
Black Ginger Root
Eucommia Ulmoides 100:1 or higher
Protodioscin 40% or higher - cannot be done cost effectively
Turkesterone/Ecdysterone - cannot be done cost effectively
Fadogia Agrestis - not a fan of it as a single ingredient bc M-Test offers it at such great price, but open to it if enough ppl want
Panax Ginseng

I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and feedback.

PeakO2 would’ve been my suggestion. I bought creatine magnapower in bulk last year so I hope it continues.


Greens Powder - similar to Inspired Greens
Multi-Vitamin - hybrid of Nutrex / Inspired / PES
Sleep Powder - similar to Muscle Elements Amino PM / 5% Drink Sleep Grow
Peak 02 product - include it in mutli-vitamin, greens powder or in a sports supplement (intra-workout)


We do plan on continuing to offer Magnesium Creatine Chelate powder :slight_smile:


I’m open to suggestions on what people would like to see in a greens powder.

I’m also open to suggestions on a multi and will look into the ones you suggested.

We have a sleep product lined up.

Peak 02 - we will be offering it as a single ingredient. The dosage is too high to include in a multi bc it would require at least 3 caps to itself. I think it’s better solo than included in something like an intra bc it makes things hard to flavor and also bc it needs to be taken daily for best results.


Would love to see kava caps. Cissus as a powder instead of caps is very weird and makes me think that whoever is requesting it has never tried cissus, it is SO bad. Dynamine caps would be good and sell like gangbusters. I am personally indifferent to the rest.

Huge fan of daily ergogenics and I know you guys would do it right. I actually think I pushed for this in the thread on here last year.

Also extremely excited about both the sleep aid and the inflammation products. I sleep like shit, dude.

I think PrimaVie would be a great single-ingredient, spilanthes would be extremely interesting, hard to find that stuff, and PeakO2 caps would also be pretty sweet, cause it makes stuff taste gnarly.

Something else I’d love to see is an adaptogen formula.


Also I know it’s frowned upon, but since you guys use hordenine in some things, I’d adore a standalone hordenine supp, 50mg caps.
Getting hard to find that stuff. :pensive:


I like SNS for a lot of reasons. Good stand alone ingredients. For those reasons, I would love stand alone pump ingredients (I’ve been looking for a good standalone S7 today actually).

I would love a high end greens/fruit product, or a peakO2 / mushroom blend!

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Really looking forward to the sleep product!

For Greens I really like greens that include some digestion enzymes in it as well. Probably a personal thing, but I would drink it around lunch time and that would be a nice dual hat product for me. I do like what Glaxon did with adding Ashwaghanda in their Greens product, I just do not like Ice Tea flavor so have yet to try it.

I’m not a “tea” fan either - but this has a solid lemon zing. You could add any fruit flavored product to remove the tea flavor. Galaxon greens are very mild tasting - which I find ideal for a shot of veggies! Hah.

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Fucoxathin caps, small cap size, and in a big bottle so they can be run year round.

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I hadn’t confirmed it in the other thread at the other place because no one asked, but we do have a Kava planned :slight_smile:

Glad you like some of the other ideas as well.

You mentioned an adaptogen formula - our Stress & Anxiety Support pretty much is one, it has Sensoril Ashwagandha, Bacopa, Rhodiola, and Theanine in it. Great feedback.

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Hordenine is one that we wouldn’t be able to do because the FDA put it on that advisory list. It will eventually be making its way out of the products that we use it in because of that. I know that listing states that they aren’t saying there’s anything wrong with it, but some retailers now are hesitant to carry items with hordenine in there bc of it.

Thank you for the kind words.
We will definitely be doing a Peak 02 capsule product soon.
We thought about an S7 product; if enough people want to see it, we can do one.

Have never been asked for that before but if enough people are interested, would consider it.

For everyone asking for a greens product, I would be open to doing one. I would just need to know ideas of what people would like in one. That area of the market is becoming saturated but a lot of the products are really just the same things. I like the idea of greens + probiotics + digestion aids myself. Let me know what you all think.


Oh yeah that’s fair, it had been a while since I’d had a look at that profile.

Thank you for the thorough responses! Sad to hear about hordenine but I understand the desire to be safe rather than sorry.

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Cardio Session Sweat and Endurance Aid - L-Carnitine , PeakO2, GBB, Grains of Paradise, NeuroFactor or something similar for focus. Clinically dosed please lol

Oh this is great to hear. Yeah kind of like I was saying above that I like greens and digestion. Probiotics is great too. I look at it more as an overall health drink than just greens. That would be more the appeal to me.

Currently taking stress and anxiety and enjoying it. I plan to do a review when I am done. I love the addidtion of bacopa

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I had something along these lines designed last year and never moved forward on it because not many people seemed interested. I’d be glad to revisit it if people do. It probably would not include Peak 02 just bc that needs to be taken daily for best results and we will be doing a single ingredient Peak 02 capsule that will allow people to do so. Plus, if make this in a powder, it can really make flavoring things a challenge.

My idea was along the lines of L-Carnitine, GBB, Grains of Paradise, maybe Capsimax, and then Dynamine &/or Teacrine. I never got much off Neurofactor myself.