Taking Dissolved Fat Soluble Vitamins on an Empty Stomach

Taking Dissolved Fat Soluble Vitamins on an Empty Stomach


I’m doing intermittent fasting (16/8 - 18/6) pretty much every day now (except when I’m on vacation :laughing:), skipping my morning meal. I could go on about why I am so committed to it. But that’s not the point of this post…

I like splitting almost all of my vitamins and supplements across two doses, morning and afternoon/evening; so I take my morning vitamins on an empty stomach. This includes fat soluble vitamins, such as Fish Oil and Vitamin D. I’ve heard that you need to take these types of supps with fatty food. But, if they are already dissolved in a fat solution (e.g. Vitamin D is a softgel, not a powder), do I really need to take it with food? I mean, it’s already dissolved in fat, right? Or is there something else I’m missing with this logic?


I can’t speak to any data on this subject. Anecdotally, I used to take vitamins on an empty stomach (when fasting). Later I realized, if I wanted all fasting benefits, I should hold off and take them with food.

If fat loss is the primary goal, or increasing insulin sensitivity, then I do not believe it really matters. However, I can not speak to absorption element of your question.


Yes you need to take fat soluble v/m with food. You will limit their absorption and the minor suspension liquid isn’t enough.


Yeah, I suspected that. I’ll move my vitamins to lunch time. Thanks!


Heard somewhere you only need like 3 grams of fat for the vitamins. So if you don’t mind having a bit of fat during the fast you can do that, if not take it with some food.


That’s why I started questioning this. I take 1.5 g of fish/krill oil in the morning with the vitamin D (which is also dissolved in oil in the softgel)…maybe that’s enough?

But I guess I should not bother analyzing it, and just take it with lunch.

As for “breaking” fast, I read somewhere that if you stay under 50 calories, your body doesn’t leave a fasting state…of course everyone’s body is different blah blah blah


Under 50 is a good rule.

The main things that would break it are things that spike/activate insulin or MTOR.

Ya just take it with lunch is likely the simplest answer.


Vitamin D in oil + Fish Oil should be enough IMHO

But hey, get a Vitamin D blood test for $50 and you’ll know for sure. Could be an important test to take in the winter months especially