Take a look at this formula! (INSANE)


No pump or performance ingredients and I have not tried it yet but jeez. Serum Code PR3

Edit: added title of supplemnt

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Yeah I posted this up in the new supplement thread awhile back. They also have a positively loaded non-stim pump product as well. Overall kinda pricey ingredients but insane profiles. They were supposed to send me a tub, wonder what happened

@Anthony oh sorry I did not see that. Should I delete this post then?

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Solid for sure, but it honestly looks more like a stim-nootropic product than anything, not that there’s anything wrong with that at all.

The owner of the company said he uses it as both. Apparently he believes you get no crash off this and it wont keep you up at night at tgree scoops. I doubt that a little bit.

There’s no need to use 3 scoops; besides a metric f**k ton of caffeine, it is well past the point of diminishing returns higher than two scoops.

I often use nootropics or fat burners as PWOs by just adding some nitrates and/or citrulline to them, so I completely get it.

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Oh no, it’s still fun to discuss this separately


The owner was on Robert’s most recent podcast, it was a good listen for anyone interested in the thought process behind his formulations. He seems to be very passionate about supplementation and wants people to be excited about taking his products

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