Symyx ELEVATE – BCAAs at Target by Scivation

Symyx ELEVATE – BCAAs at Target by Scivation


Scivation, makers of the always popular BCAA supplement Xtend, are now taking things well outside of the scope of the sports nutrition, and have a hot new product found in Target stores. SYMYX ELEVATE™ looks to deliver all same benefits as traditional sports energy drinks, but without the carbs and …
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this stuff is nasty, I bought it for my daughter and after drinking it she became very sick and was throwing up all day. Now she is not new to this type of drink she works out all the time, so I was surprised when she told me how sick it made her, she even had to leave work that day. Looked for a number to call but one is not listed on package. also have not seen one on this site. Would like to return it for a refund but store will not take it back. Please think twice before trying this product.