SuppNess 2018 Spoils & Reviews

SuppNess 2018 Spoils & Reviews


Here I’ll be posting what all I received from our annual March SuppNess tournament for those curious! This is mostly for reviewing, since a lot is new to me, and I can give some thoughts on things CJ & Mike weren’t fans of (Alpha-Y in Arez Titanium). Also, if anyone has some mad scientist requests for mixing some of the stuff I have, those will be accepted as well. I’ll start reviewing once I’ve received everything, and show a pic of all the supps I’ve got at home currently, which might compete with the pile of stuff PricePlow has in the background of their videos


First, a nice swag bag from Suppz! Some cool samples, and the mini-funnel is quite conveinent for when I pour powder into a water bottle.


Second, Genius and Beast! Can’t wait to try super sauna, plan on stacking it with RXS Radiate caps. The Intracell was mine, but it arrived on the same day so I took the pic with it there for aesthetic purposes


The one I’m most excited for, a bunch of Mega Arez and some Titanium + PPK.


Beautiful care package from ProSupps. The BCAA and Hyde flavors sound delicious (pink lemonade and sour gummy rings)


Most recently, some nice MRE stuff from Redcon1 I received yesterday! CJ raved about banana nut bread so can’t wait to try it


Yoooo :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: I’m a huge fan of the Arez White and have been anxious to try both Mega and Titanium but haven’t had a chance yet. Like you it seems, I don’t get the huge negative effects of Alpha Y, so i’m excited to hear your review on these two


Let me know which Power potion you like the most. Was thinking about ordering some of those!


Great haul thus far, jealous asf


Holy shit balls that’s a haul, nice man congrats


True, plus I believe I have 4 more winnings somewhere out there. One is Hi-Tech, another is Azoth. No idea on the other two though


Looking forward to your review on Arez Titanium…


I’ve been a pin cushion for the devil , a severe alcoholic and 3 pack a day of non- filter cigarettes for 27 years ,criminal charges out the wazoo . I’ve been clean and sober for 15 yrs. teaching bible study at my old Lehigh County Prison. I’ve had hep a,b,c. ,cirrhosis, kidney failure and I’m just about in the best shape of my life with a contest coming up at the end of the month. I can handle 2 Radiate and wash it down with a serving of the $11.95 Castle pre-workout your selling. And ! Damn it ! ( sorry Lord ! ) I feel like I got to kiss your ads for free samples. If anybody deserves any samples , it’s me ! Seriously , Love you guys , John Wise , Allentown, Pa.


I think this guy wants your winnings Anthony :joy:


Stack today is Re1gn with Super Sauna. Sipping the lemon dropkick right now. Definitely feel the spice going down. The actual lemon taste is identical to the fresh squeezed lemonade TGI FRIDAY’s used to have


Wow, nice haul so far.


Re1gn is still my favorite preworkout - better than original Mesormorph, in my humble opinion.


Well, John - what kind of samples would you like? As a brother in a Christ (I’d send you some even I weren’t), I’d be happy to send you some stuff!

Generally, the best way to win some stuff here is to be active and participate in the contests. Check daily to see if anything is going on. I run a weekly giveaway here. I don’t get paid for it, I just enjoy helping out the Priceplow community.

I will send you a couple of samples - but for future reference, just be more active here! We will take notice!


Sauna is amazing, slightly stronger than one cap of Radiate. Likely not as strong as double caps though


I’m very impressed with this narrative, whether it’s true or not. I love the phrasing :joy: