STRONG Sleep Supplement | Outbreak Nutrition Refuge

STRONG Sleep Supplement | Outbreak Nutrition Refuge



My guess is that the Nelumbo Nucifera is standardized for NEFERINE!


Sorry to tag ya from another thread, but might as well bring it all together here :smiley:

My wife and I tried a scoop of this last night. It felt like it never kicked in. If it helped me fall asleep, it only did a little. My wife felt no impact for falling asleep either, which completely surprised me!..she gets knocked out off 1.5 Benedryl or even 100 mg 5-HTP. Only thing very noticeable was that we were both groggy this morning. We might give it another go. I’m going to have her try Knocked the F*ck out to see if that hits her.


Neither of you felt anything from Phenibut???


No, strange huh, especially with my wife who gets knocked out by everything. However, someone was telling me that you really have to lay down for it to work. We were watching TV before bed, waiting to get tired, and it never happened. I’ll try it again as soon as I go to bed next time; see if that makes a difference. Definitely on a weekend, the “hangover” the next day is mild, but real.


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