Stim Free Pre-Workout SHOWDOWN! | Primeval VS Outbreak

Stim Free Pre-Workout SHOWDOWN! | Primeval VS Outbreak



Really good video


Great video and comparisons between the two, you guys should definitely start doing more vids like this!


2g leucine-nitrate
1g acerola powder (25% vit.c)
300mg pycnogenol
200mg abh
200mg bec
1000mg pomegranate extract (30% punicalagins)

but what does the troll know :smiley:


How to approach us in the forums is one thing you don’t know…


what is this “us”?
i could easily guess what is expected and behave accordingly but i am not part of any “us”. if you all want me to go then i will. if someone would like some genuine suggestions (not how to get the best pump) they can ask me anytime. i may disappear and reappear for periods of time though as i rarely get to post on forums anymore. people tend to take this personally but do not realize that i do not know what will be tomorrow, structure is impossible as my life is mildly weird at times. i won’t state any details as it will sound like schizophrenia. let’s just say i have been close to death more times i can count and it keeps me busy.