Stay Salty: Sodium Strategies on a Keto Diet

Stay Salty: Sodium Strategies on a Keto Diet


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On a ketogenic diet without additional supplementation, the dieter’s electrolyte levels drop to levels much lower than usual. A low level of electrolytes present in your body will cause lower blood pressure, decreased overall performance, and other symptoms that could be of concern. This is why it’s important to track… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Stay Salty: Sodium Strategies on the Keto Diet

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Yep salt and potassium are important, I disagree with the message to restrict them (except in cases of certain medical condition)


Weiird that definitely wasn’t supposed to be published to the forum yet. It’s nearly ready but I’ve been working on the Best Pre Workout guide. Will get this up soon. Thanks!


Oh and when the article is posted, you’ll see that we don’t suggest restriction at all - quite the opposite in fact! I’ll get on it!


Just so its clear I was talking about the government’s dietary recommendation.


Ratios seem to be important though, and the FDA goes with a 3:2 potassium:sodium ratio, which I think could work well for lots of people. But that’s a lot of potassium that is tougher to get on keto, especially if you’re high on sodium.

Here’s my absolute favorite study:

So these guys basically looked at six “recommended” food plans and realized that it’s literally impossible to get the FDA’s suggested amounts of sodium and potassium without supplementation or intervention.

That’s how ridiculous things are.