Solid BOGO @

Solid BOGO @

EVL is a brand I have used before and have been pleasantly surprised with. I feel they are a bit underrated. is running a full bogo on all EVL skus. I grabbed some multivitamins ($26 for 4 months); fish oil/omega 3 ($24 for 8 months); and standard BCAAs ($17 for 60 serv).

Not a huge advocate for BCAAs, but EVL flavors them well and it’s a solid deal. All of their products I have been impressed with. Some fairly “basic” formulas for some skus, but you could do a lot worse for these price points.

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Definitely going to need a lot more fishoil for 8 months given you should aim for 2-3g EPA and 1.5g DHA daily. You are looking at 5 caps daily, which is around 12 days a bottle.

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You’re assuming I don’t eat fish or consume other sources of Omega 3s. : )

Just looking at it from a Fishoil perspective. It is very underdosed hence why its so cheap.

How is their multi? I am always weary of brands that are constantly on sale.

Forgive the snob because I always appreciate a good deal… But the more pushed them as a brand, the more I thought less of their quality because it means there’s more money to be made. Sorry but I keep clear of EVL.

Dr. EVL?

It’s a budget line for sure. But for the average dude, not too bad.

I forget this demographic is more educated than most, but the multi formula isn’t too bad. Mike and I reviewed their BCAAs too - flavor and soluability were great.