SO MUCH Beta Alanine ⚠ | Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Review

SO MUCH Beta Alanine ⚠ | Legion Pulse Pre-Workout Review

Nice review gentlemen

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Robert said 2g Taurine but the label you showed didn’t list any. Some sort of issue with the label or what’s the deal with that?


There are a couple different versions of Pulse floating around I guess, and CJ must have pulled a supp label from one of the versions that does NOT include Taurine.

However, the version we ran DID include 2g of taurine.

Here’s two pictures of the tub I have sitting on my shelf from when we ran the product, taken 12:45 PM 2/19/18

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These guys have some good labels.


Interestingly enough I really liked Legion Pulse…I’ve run through a few tubs. That said I also don’t train until late morning which is after I’ve had something to eat.

Now though that I’ve made the switch to MegaPre (stim and BA free)…I tried LegionPulse for energy the other day - and you can definitely feel the BA…Not that I mind.

I do appreciate Robert’s intel on taking it throughout the day - that’s invaluable information.


Honestly I find the amount of BA with taurine to be kind of a waste given they(likely) compete for absorption and BA isn’t absorbed well in huge doses.

Though I’m not a massive fan of BA in the first place(mainly due to how its used in bad preworkouts).


This is something I read about a while ago, but i never really see anyone talk about.

Also, given taurine has GABA related actions, including it and theanine together in a preworkout can be bit much for me. I tried muscletech nano vapor a couple years ago and it almost put me to sleep.

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