So blackstone labs has been hyping up an icecream product

So blackstone labs has been hyping up an icecream product


38 gram of protein, most of the calories from protein, coming in normal and mint chocolate chip, and vanilla cookie dough, and will be available for order in packs of 6(shipped with dry ice)
They are hyping it to be like real icecream. Any thought on it?

Also they will have samples at the Arnold, if you get one tell me if it lives up to the hype.

Personally if its under like 4-6$ a container I am tempted to get some when it drops.


Never heard of it but I just looked it up on Google. The picture of the container says 3 servings. It better be real cheap in price or those better be some Huge servings.


I believe its a small tub, pound of ice cream it looks like, with 38 grams of protein per tub.


Will have to add this to our docket!


I just got this info on another site about this stuff…

Each full pint tub of ISO-Cream provides a strong 38g of protein for only 266 to 294 calories, depending on the flavor The other nutrition numbers are 7 to 8g of fat (4g saturated), and 14 to 20g of carbohydrates with 11 to 15g of that sugar and 1 to 2g of fiber.

Going to be a Ben & Jerry’s size.


No thx. No way that’s going to taste good. These low calorie ice creams taste horrible. I’ll eat real ice cream and drink a shake


Whey protein plus sugar alcohols, sucralose, flavors, and lots of thickener? It’s possible…


Do you not like Halotop?

I enjoy halotop and think it is awesome for having low macros.


Might be good. Low-cal ice creams will never taste like regular ice cream, however.


They’ve been hyping it to be as good as actual icecream, hope they aren’t talking out of their asses.


Not really. Maybe one flavor is decent. The rest are bland and watery.


Dang. That sucks. Pre contest, halo top helps me maintain sanity!


It’s hard for me to enjoy diet versions of some things with ice cream being one. Taste, texture, all become so different and take away from it.

But I get what you’re saying in prep. Although I bet anything that’s not boiled chicken tastes amazing :slight_smile:


I’ll stick with thise1474b_2f5086b09c3d4a0392664b8c0d02c311_mv1


So this stuff was really really good.