SNS Reload Updated!

SNS Reload Updated!

Don’t forget to hold onto those empty containers. Here’s an updated list:


I have a BUNCH of empty containers that I’ve been collecting over the years but never have reloaded… how important is the receipt part? I can go digging in my email, but I’m sure there will be a few I can’t find. I have probably easily have 36 points to put it in perspective. Loyal customer, just never taken advantage of the program

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Let me find out and I’ll respond back


@cubs1987 Check your messages here


So is this saying to send back used containers? I have never heard of this before… cool idea!

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No Love for Focus XT? Didn’t see it on the list. I assume this is designed for the single ingredient supps you guys sell. Cool idea!

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It is saying to send back barcodes. People generally cut them out. I suppose they could send back full containers if they want to if they didn’t feel like cutting them out; it would just cost them more on shipping most likely.

The above link lays out the details and it says all products except ____ are worth 1 point so Focus XT would be included in the all products part.

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Cool, thank you for clarifying!

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