SNS Reload Custom Loyalty Program

The SNS Reload program allows customers to earn FREE SNS products, gear, & merchandise.

**Purpose: **
SNS was started with a couple of simple goals in mind:
To offer Top Quality Products at Cost Effective Prices
To Truly Help People

SNS isn’t a mega huge marketing company. We pride ourselves on staying true to our roots and being a customer driven and customer focused company. We appreciate every customer. To us, you aren’t just an order number, you are a valued customer that helps us live our dream by supporting SNS and we hope that our products help you in your journey to reach your own personal health and fitness goals.

SNS first and foremost always tries to show our appreciation to customers by offering top quality products at cost effective prices. To us, the best way to show you that we really care is to be a brand that you can always trust to deliver the best products at the best prices.

However, we also want to go a step beyond and really show our appreciation even more by offering our Reload Customer Loyalty Program.

How it works:

Each SNS product is assigned a point value and you can redeem your points for FREE SNS products, gear, and merchandise by sending in your UPC’s along with your receipt/order confirmation(s).

What You Can Get:

Points Redeem

6 Points SNS T-Shirt or Water Bottle

12 Points 1 Product of Your Choice

24 Points 2 Products of Your Choice &

1 SNS T-Shirt or Water Bottle

36 Points 4 Products of Your Choice &

1 SNS T-Shirt &

1 SNS Water Bottle &

1 SNS Pill Case

Point Values: All Products are Worth 1 Point with the Exception of the Following which are worth ½ point:


Alpha Yohimbine

Caffeine – 120 tablets

CLA Xtreme – 100 softgels

DAA Powder – 100 grams

Garcinia Cambogia

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Huperzine A 99%

IP6 Powder

Joint Support XT – 40 caps

PEA-500 Xtreme – 120 caps


RK-500 Xtreme

Tribulus-750 – 120 caps


Yohimbine 2.5


To Redeem Your Points:

To redeem your points, please:

Send SNS UPC’s (with or without plastic attached) along with your receipt(s)/order confirmations to:


Attention: Reload Program

2965 Franklin Turnpike

Danville VA 24540

You MUST include:


Shipping Information

Email Address

Phone Number

What Product(s) You Want

T-Shirt size if applicable

Please note:

We strongly suggest using a traceable shipping method to ensure delivery.

SNS cannot be responsible for packages that are not received by SNS due to fault of the carrier.

Thank you for choosing SNS. We appreciate your support and hope that you enjoy our products.

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This is awesome, love it! Now, can we use labels for something like you guys sent us during a giveaway (like the GlycoPhase y’all just did)? And is it for all products, or only ones bought through your site?

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Can we use labels for something like you guys sent us during a giveaway?
Is it for all products?


It does not matter where product was purchased from.

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