SNS GlycoPhase Review | The Strongest GDA for Pre Workout?

SNS GlycoPhase Review | The Strongest GDA for Pre Workout?



Definitely a product I will be trying for sure. Just gotta make it through my bottle of Core Load first


I’ve recently started using this, I can definitely feel it’s effects. Sometimes when used with a meal a few hours later it’s like I didn’t eat. I appreciate that the bottle is stuffed to the top


Very interested in hearing @Matt_Towson additional feedback on this. Are you taking this AND your Pre/pump product?

And for the rest of the board as well. Any gastro issues with this?


I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m 10 days out from my show, so any product log I give may be skewed. My carbs are so low 5 days out of the week, that a 100g day gives me a good pump.

Before my carbs were drastically lowered, I used GlycoPhase twice and LOVED it. Great pump, fullness, basculrity, etc… I could feel it working quick. Again, I’m super lean so that may have a part to play, but this gets my approval stamp so far.


I get it…was just curious.


I need to try this for sure haha


Are you using something now? Asking for a friend


Core Load good sir


Picking some up the moment I’m out of the older Glycophase.


Has anyone tested this with a BG monitor? Thats the real way to know how effective GDA’s are.


@Mike said he was going to do it in an upcoming video.


Nah man. I just care if I get a pump. Lol.




That doesn’t always equate the GDA Is working…
You are probably taking ghost pump and ghost legend both which are contributions to a pump, There are too many various factors that contribute to a pump even on a contest prep (Sodium, water, and carbs). You can even get a good pump in a fasted state if you play your cards right. Can a GDA help? Absolutely. When I ran Slinmax i found the pump agents in it helped with a pump and muscle fullness, but when tested on a BG monitor it did not move my numbers much. While the pump was great, the GDA properties fell short of what was expected.

Until I see numbers of this baselining BG at a respectable rate I will be skeptical. RPG on paper by Redcon1 looks great, but it doesn’t do jack crap for my BG levels or bringing them down to baseline. Another reason why I test all the GDA’s i take to see how fast they can baseline my BG on various amounts (25,50,75,100g carbs) and try to keep the sources and timing consistent to rule out other variables.


I’m thinking this goes in the ‘if you look good, you feel good, if you feel good you play good’ category…


I’ve been taking GDAs long before Ghost was a company.

Give me some credit bud. You think I wouldn’t consider other supplements contributing to a “pump” result?



if they don’t do what they are supposed to do (baseline Blood Glucose) and be Glucose Disposal Agents, then purchasing or using them for a pump is a totally different story. You would be better off buying a bulk citrulline and agmatine tub for far cheaper if that was your primary purpose.

These pills primary purpose is not to get a “pump” it is to mimic insulin and shuttle glucose and prevent carbs from being stored as fat. A pump has nothing to do with that. Any company can put pump ingredients in a GDA (Slinmax for example), but for baselining blood glucose? totally did not work for me, but it may work better for others.


Oh yeah - the Deion Sanders approach. Which I whole heartedly believe. Psychological benefits are absolutely a contributing factor to performance.


I’m a huge believer in this…

As they say ‘hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard’