SNS Focus XT Review

SNS Focus XT Blue Raspberry


Blue Raspberry – The flavoring is very light in this product. At first you get a small hint of blue raspberry on your taste buds which soon fades away. The aftertaste is composed of the raw materials that is not masked strong enough by the flavoring of the product. I have read other reviews stating this was a very good tasting product, but I have had many other great tasting blue raspberries in such a heavily saturated market. Is it not bad by any means, but I would not rank it a top tier blue raspberry flavor. I can definitely drink this, but its not a product you look forward to drinking or sipping on. All in all based off what your trying to mask in the formula I can deal with it.


Based off one serving and mixing in 8oz of water I had no problems. The powder is fine and after a few shakes in a blender bottle there was no clumping. I never saw any floating particles left from the powder, so that shows how easily it mixed together.


1.5g Tyrosine Complex (EAA improve cognitive performance)
1g Choline Complex οƒ  Alpha GPC, Choline (Nootropic/Cognitive Function)
1g Acetyl L-Carnitine (Health and Nootropic benefits)
1g Taurine (Increases electrical activity in nerve cells and electrical function of neurons)
200mg DMAE (Improve Mood)
100mg L-Theanine (Extend Caffeine Half-Life)
62.5mg Theacrine (Extend caffeine half life)
10mg Lutein (brain function, enhanced learning)
100mcg Huperzine A (Nootropic)
175mg Caffeine (125mg Caffeine Anhydrous and 50mg Dicaffine Malate) οƒ  Stim


I had a 1 serving sample that I dosed in the middle of the afternoon. I wake up around 3:30 and start work at 4:30. I don’t usually drink many stims so I figured taking it around lunch time, and away from food would suit me well. After being up for 8+ hours and taking the product I immediately felt energy. I never felt a huge jolt like some pre-workouts that give you a kick and then fizz out. Due to the formula being composed of many nootropics and ingredients that extend caffeine half-life the effects are still present 2.5 hours later. The entire time I felt very stable, composed, and had much stronger mental clarity. During my work shift I could tell my focus was sharper and my attention to detail was not fading. I am not a person who takes nootropics, or products of this nature, but this one did surprise me. SNS Focus XT does get a lot of hype, but for a well-rounded product it has a lot of positive attributes. This can be used for many situations and occasions making it ideal for a large population. I turned down reviewing a tub of the new formula because I am not an avid stim user, but for those who are I would highly suggest looking into Focus-XT.

Focus XT can be used for several things which I will highlight:
1- As an energy drink replacement. This is cheaper per serving then buying cans and can give you similar effects.
2- Individuals that need better mental clarity, focus, concentration, and energy in their day to day lives.
3- studying, school, work, sporting events
4- This could also be used as a great pre-workout due to the nature of the long lasting and steady energy


$30 for 30 servings for a general price. Factor in sales and coupons and you have a cost effective product. Upon launch of the new formula it was BOGO and $22.50 for 2 tubs. That is a steal of a deal for 60 servings costing you .37 cents a scoop.

Thanks to [MENTION=253386]primolift00[/MENTION] for the sample