SNS Focus XT Candy Corn Review

SNS Focus XT Candy Corn Review


SNS Focus XT Candy Corn


Candy Corn - Candy Corn is a popular candy that is released every year around Halloween. Candy Corn is composed of marshmallow, vanilla, and buttery caramel flavor notes. When I first sipped on the product the density of the sweetness was profound. As you got into the aftertaste the aspects marshmallow and caramel are subtle. Overall you get a heavy and luscious vanilla that has hints of marshmallow like the candy. I found it hard to pinpoint the texture and flavoring of the caramel, but with this flavor being so unique SNS took a gamble on replicating it into a supplement.

For me 8 to 12 ounces is perfect because it provides the pleasant flavor I was looking for. I could see some people preferring 16-20oz if they wanted a beverage they could sip on for a prolonged period of time.


I was suggested to mix 1 serving with 8-12oz’s of water. The powder is fine and after a few shakes in a blender bottle there was no clumping. I never saw any floating particles left from the powder, so that shows how easily it mixed together.



1.5g Tyrosine Complex (EAA improve cognitive performance)
1g Choline Complex à Alpha GPC, Choline (Nootropic/Cognitive Function)
1g Acetyl L-Carnitine (Health and Nootropic benefits)
1g Taurine (Increases electrical activity in nerve cells and electrical function of neurons)
200mg DMAE (Improve Mood)
100mg L-Theanine (Extend Caffeine Half-Life)
62.5mg Theacrine (Extend caffeine half life)
10mg Lutein (brain function, enhanced learning)
100mcg Huperzine A (Nootropic)
175mg Caffeine (125mg Caffeine Anhydrous and 50mg Dicaffine Malate) à Stim


I had a 1 serving sample that I dosed in the middle of the afternoon. I wake up around 3:30 and start work at 4:30. I don’t usually drink many stims so I figured taking it around lunch time, and away from food would suit me well. After being up for 8+ hours and taking the product I immediately felt energy.

Due to the formula being composed of nootropics and ingredients that extend caffeine half-life the effects are still present 2.5 hours later. The entire time I felt very stable, composed, and had stronger mental clarity. During my work shift I could tell my focus was sharper and my attention to detail was not fading. I am not a person who takes nootropics, or products of this nature, but this one did surprise me.

SNS Focus XT does get a lot of hype, but for a well-rounded product it has a lot of positive attributes. This can be used for many situations and occasions making it ideal for a large population. If you need a great pick me up or a coffee replacement this is a go to product.

Focus XT can be used for several things which I will highlight:
1- As an energy drink replacement. This is cheaper per serving then buying cans and can give you similar effects.
2- Individuals that need better mental clarity, focus, concentration, and energy in their day to day lives.
3- studying, school, work, sporting events
4- This could also be used as a great pre-workout due to the nature of the long lasting and steady energy


$30 for 30 servings for a general price. Factor in sales and coupons and you have a cost effective product. Upon launch of the new flavor it was around $25 + Free Creatine HCL Tabs or $44.99 for 2 tubs. That averages to around 75 cents per scoop. Compare that to buying an energy drink at a local convenience store for $2-3.


Reviews seem to be great for this so far. Can’t wait to grab a tub at DPS soon!