Similar to Ledgend?

Hey everyone, I’ve been exclusively using Ghost Ledgend (sour watermelon) for almost a full year now. I love the taste and love the dosages because it doesn’t make me crash. I use a half scoop almost on a daily basis at work for a quick pick me up.

Problem is I’m starting to get burnt out on the flavor (yes I’ve tried all their flavors and not a fan of most). I was hoping someone could help point me to a similar pre that is on par with Ledgend and tastes just as good. Was looking into possibly Nutrabio Pre? Really just looking for something that has a solid “hit” to
It, but also carries sustainable energy that won’t leave you flat on your face.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Quake 10.0, until they run out, as I believe it’s been D/C’d.

Gaspari SuperPump Max

Mega Pre Black, NutraBio Pre, or simply make your own.

Caffeine pill (usually 200mg)
TeaCrine (helps prevent crash)
Dynamine (people say it’s a faster acting TeaCrine… I agree)
VasoBlitz (Non-stim pump)

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Why don’t you buy two different supplements - a well-dosed PWO and an energy/nootropic supplement for work. That way you don’t waste your ergogenics. For your work supplement, you could get something like

Controlled Labs Orange Brainwash
SNS Focus XT
Chaos and Pain Aggro
Any under-dosed cheap pwo (thinking EVL ENGN, BOGO a lot on
Caffeine pill

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In addition to the above - I would also suggest Sparta Nutrition Kraken

Thank you all for the replies. Extremely helpful :+1:

Ok I’ve been him-hawing around for a few weeks doing some research.

On flavors, who can recommend the better flavor profile between:

Nutrabio Pre:Dragonfruit Candy/Cherry Limeaid
Mega Pre Black: Island Candy/Pink Stardust
Kraken: anything except cotton candy

I would recommend Chaos and Pain as well. I still use Ghost Pump. It’s legit.

Not many Pre’s tastes as “good” as legend does. If you are using it as a pick-me-up and half scooping, you might as well just be drinking a Bang / Xyience.

Love all of Ghost Pump/Pre as well…but the Norvaline part concerns me.