Should I stack a pre with Hydra Shred?

I’ve been taking the newly formulated hydra shred since Monday and I’m not gonna lie I’ve been dragging at the gym. Should I stack this with a pre workout as well? I never feel this tired at the gym but I’m usually running on Kraken, Nutrabio pre, C4 Ultimate, shatter black onyx, Spazmatic or something. I’m also in a deficit right now so that plays a factor.

It’s frankly quite light on stimulants, I wouldn’t be worried stacking it with any sort of preworkout

I’ll be as responsible as I can and offer my perspective for what has worked for me. : )

I work out in the afternoon, and one or two days a week will use a mild fat burner in the morning to keep me awake. Caffeine seems to have longer effects on me than other people, so the 4-5 hours between the fat burner and my preworkout supplement will generally provide me with enough “juice.”

Regardless of when you workout, I think as long as you are not getting a dangerous amount of caffeine and your sleep is not suffering, then you can try it out for a few days and see how you feel! What preworkout are you taking?

Let me disclaim that I AM NOT A DOCTOR! Lol.

I was mixing it up with a couple different ones. Kraken Spazmatic Nutrabio C4 Ultimate Shatter Black onyx

You should be safe to take it with another preworkout, its not very heavy on stims, if it feels too intense then you can half scoop one of them.

Also unless you are doing fasted cardio I would have the largest meal around your training so the deficit doesn’t interfere as much.


I took two scoops of Kraken plus Hydra, didn’t feel any different. You will sweat a lot more, but shouldn’t feel jittery.

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