Seth Feroce Dropping the Hammer With "Axe and Sledge" Supplements!

Seth Feroce Dropping the Hammer With "Axe and Sledge" Supplements!


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We heard rumblings that Seth Feroce was working on something top secret. Now we know what that is. Axe and Sledge is coming soon with five initial products! Best known for his time at Primeval Labs, having a world class beard, and owning All American Roughneck, IFBB Pro Seth Feroce… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Loved his video on the products. His attitude and personality is hilarious.


Oh jeez I forgot to embed that!

Updating post now


Seth is awesome, just straight forward and crazy!

I like what he has built for himself with all this.



A new company with an original name not ending with “Labz”? Already intrigued


Hahahah :joy:


I saw him last year at the Pitt pro and the density he carries is mind boggling


Yeah I met with him a few years ago and I agree, and he’s pretty dang dry for walking around muscle. Its a sick look!!!

I like his style!


I remember this guy taking Nolvadex ED as an AI… hope he has a good formulator :grin:. His stuff will sell, pretty sizeable following on social media


I was lucky enough to see Seth go from nothing to something and went to college and trained with him

Training for his first show to winning the Pittsburgh pro to winning his pro card and getting into the national level

Guy is one of the most stand up human beings you can find. His wife and brother are both class acts to boot


Repping PA man!!!


Always !!!


Where in PA are you?


Erie PA literally 5 minutes from the lake


The home of Larry Holmes?