Ronnie Coleman Pump Supplement STACKED

Ronnie Coleman Pump Supplement STACKED



Don’t you start dissing on boy L-arginine @Robert and CJ.
If you take straight L-Cituline some of it gets converted down the Urea cycle instead of being used for NO synthesis.
Now if you take L-Arginine with the L-Cituline then then the L-Arginine gets used in the urea cycle instead of the L-Cituline, resulting in more L-Cituline being used for N.O production. Which results in a greater pump then taking either amino separately.

Heres the study finding that.


This study also shows that just L-Arginine was better than L-Citrulline as well, but I thought we knew that isn’t the case? Any idea what’s up with that?


It could be within the margin of error but I’m not entirely sure.


That’s a study conducted in rats which does not always carry over in human trials. We have plenty of human data on both arginine and Citrulline to have solid understanding of their moa’s and subsequent actions.

There are even recent rat studies on AAKG that were different than what was found several years back.


Off point, but I enjoy this preworkout for evening workouts when I want something stim free.