Rich Piana's Meal Plan: Killer Meal Delivery for Less!

Rich Piana's Meal Plan: Killer Meal Delivery for Less!


If you’ve been following Rich Piana and his 3-month muscle-building, steroid- and food-fueled journey on Youtube, you know it’s been quite a grind so far. Between excruciating workouts, constant eating, and foul language filled soliloquies, Rich has been doing his best to capture every important moment of his life for …
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what date can i order prep meals for delivery....thanks,
ken seitz avon, ohio


They are available now. Check his website.


the whole ordering process is slow! I ordered only 3 different meals (7) each. In my opinion the food is rushed together. The meat could be cut into eatable size, the noodles are under cooked. 1 minute 40 seconds in microwave barely warms the food. You must defrost first, which it doesnt say. The protein content listed is very high, not sure if that is correct. The sauces are very dry. I personally cover with water, microwave for 3-4 minutes, drain the water and added 6 teaspoo
alfredo sauce.