Rich Piana REAL FOOD Review: Legit Carbs!

Rich Piana REAL FOOD Review: Legit Carbs!
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I’ll admit it – sometimes I’m just lazy when it comes to food. There’s absolutely no good excuse for this when it comes to carbs — after all, bulk cooking brown rice or baking sweet potatoes is completely painless. Oats are even easier. But sadly, there are times when I’m …
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Why not just have a 1/2 a cup of oatmeal and get 27g of carbs for dollars and dollars cheaper? Zhit I eat a half a cup without any liquid and I love it.


Could definitely do that. Not as tasty or nutrient-dense as yam / sweet potato, obviously more economical though


I would recommend making an unflavored version so that one would not be limited when it comes to mixing with a scoop or two of your favorite protein powder seeing that only one or two flavors may go great with sweet potatoes and blue berry cobbler. Just a thought. I suppose that if you can make sweet potatoes and yams taste like blue berry cobbler you can make them unflavored too.


Does this product trigger anxiety/nervousness? I read some reviews yes and others no


???? It's a carb food supplement, I don't get why it would. Didn't here.