RedCon1 Tuesday Savings! 10% off ALL STACKS!

RedCon1 Tuesday Savings! 10% off ALL STACKS!


Today, RedCon1 is doing 10% off all their stacks!

Use the code PRICEPLOW or T10MATTS to save and addition 10% on top of that.

Can get Total War and Big Noise for $58.30 with both discounts! Feel free to ask any questions!


So we both already have 10% off coupons – does this mean it’s 20%? Or are stacks normally not coupon’d?

I guess I should know this!


There’s only one coupon per transaction, so the discount is taken before the cart so a code could be added. In fairness to the forum, will advertise your code before mine.


Oh that’s okay for now, remember we’re a bit in chaos mode for the time being.

I wonder what would happen if they used our affiliate link and your coupon. Would they need to cut both of us commissions? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would think we would both get credit…PP would get the commission and I would get credit for the sale. They could also use your code/link fully and DM me their order number (if they want) for my sale credit. Again, I dont want to overstep you guys on here, just want to make sure the consumer is getting to most savings!