Redcon1 Total War Review (REFORMULATED)

Redcon1 Total War Review (REFORMULATED)



Dicaffeine malate @ 100mg, not 100mcg (like he said in the video). Little slip of the tongue there so don’t get confused!


Lol there were a bunch of mentions of mcg in there, bro math


@Mike it would be great if you guys would go back to talking about clinical dosages of ingredients when reviewing pre workouts and such. Think that information is valuable to those who might not be familiar. If not this just kind of turns into a flavor review


This was a guest review we’re experimenting with - I haven’t watched this yet but saw the mcg comments.

But I hear you loud and clear - I mention this stuff in the Radiate caps review a bit - like grains of paradise, 2 caps/day puts you at clinical 40mg dose. I’ll stay on top of it more for sure.

Can’t talk clinical doses if it’s a prop blend though… a couple reviews coming where that’s mentioned ::anchor:


Personally…I much prefer hearing from you and CJ…It’s much easier to discern ‘tastes’ or similarities with what I like/prefer. For example…(and not that you asked) we know that CJ prefers stims and doesn’t like BA. So we know where he is coming from.


CJ and I need to some point take a breather and figure out what to do about some of these hardcore pre workouts though.

He doesn’t like beta alanine, which is bad enough as it is, and he also doesn’t like alpha-y. I only like alpha-y at about 1.5mg MAX, preferably at or under 1mg though.

BTW @SteelerBill13 gonna owe you a shirt (at least). You’ll know why when you know why :slight_smile:


Uh oh should I be scared? Kidding…and I appreciate being on a need to know basis.


My suggestion would be to find someone who doesn’t mind the alpha y/BA and just send it over to them.


I could always intern for your local alpha-Y consumer


And now that they have changed the formula…well…time for Mike and CJ to post their review…


I’m still waiting for your casting reel!!


It will likely be a video of me dry double scooping Edge of Insanity followed by eating 200mg of raw teacrine


No water and you can’t chase it…


Easy work.


Has it been reformulated now AGAIN?

Edit: as in, another one after this video’s formulation


With all the different lists of ingredients we were comparing in another thread, I wouldn’t be surprised :laughing:


Indeed. Now with AMPiberry


Keeps getting weaker. Meh.


Agreed for the most part. Loved the Eria and DMHA but I could live without the DMHA. Curious as to how potent this AMPiberry is