RedCon1 MRE Bar is Everything You Wanted But Didn't Know It Yet

RedCon1 MRE Bar is Everything You Wanted But Didn't Know It Yet


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The RedCon1 MRE Bar is finally here, and it’s everything the market wanted. Just nobody realized it yet. Take. My. Money. At this point, it’s not even fair for the rest of the sports nutrition and greater “functional foods” industries. RedCon1 is endlessly smashing the competition to pieces, and nobody’s… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Awesome write up!


Looks great. Oatmeal Chocolate chip would be outstanding.



That’s honestly the one I’m looking forward to least. I think I’m in a minority of folks who doesn’t really think oatmeal and chocolate chips go together. I like them both, just not together.


All of Redcon1 and Aaron’s social media posts seem to include Blueberry Cobbler over the other two flavors, so I have a feeling that will be the best of the bunch. I am eager to stack it up against One Bar Blueberry Cobbler.


Potbelly (restaurant chain) has an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie that is worth the the price of admission…


Anyone know the pricepoint for MRE Lite? I believe that is rolling out today?

I’d give the MRE Blueberry Cobbler a shot but it is out of stock and not cheap


$50 for 30 servings


There is always a 25% or 30% code floating on the internet for Redcon1.


Used it and ordered the Blueberry Cobbler.


MRE Lite is $44.99 but the code FRIEND30 is active until midnight for 30% off.


Blueberry Cobbler was just the most popular flavor of MRE…nothing against the others just the way it sold so why not put it with the bars and lite as well. Plus it made for a funny “BBC” promo video!



Stack3d is reporting the wrong price on their site for this, I do see its $44.99


Also, @AaronSingerman has mentioned multiple times…there will be a FREE MRE BAR is every order during the month of March! It will be a random flavor. You can also buy a single bar or a 12pk as well. They will have LIVE samples at the Arnold as well!


No worries. I am sure Stack3d will correct it. Thanks for the heads up!


This is my head exploding…I used the 25% off one. Damn


Serves me right for ordering at the end of February…


Give us some insider info here, will the 30% be up when you guys launch the bars. Interested in both


Yes unfortunately. The 30% off code ends at Midnight!!!


FIIIIIIIIIIIIINE! I ordered mine :smile: . Redcon site started texting me me after I almost placed and order then backed out, lol. “You win” :laughing:

These will be good for weekends when I sometimes I only get two solid meals in.