RedCon1 MOAB Muscle Builder: The Mother of all Leucine Bombs

RedCon1 MOAB Muscle Builder: The Mother of all Leucine Bombs


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This is a interesting formula that is a bit too expensive in my opinion.

HMB+vitamin D is good, but can be had much cheaper by buying it in bulk
HICA is promising, as is epi but they don’t quite justify the price tag.

Ideally I would want another 2 ingredients added to it, maybe a good dose of ALCAR for example.


HMB is kinda new to me. Is that something worth incorporating into a daily stack of creatine, beta alanine, and betaine?


I am unsure if its needed daily It might work as a pre/post workout. It looks very worth while if you train really intensely, but otherwise so so.

Side note but I just realized I’ve been researching phytoestrogens for the last 6 hours.


Ahh, our very own PP has a great article on it. Yeah, sounds like it’s something to take just before a workout…

Edit…just re-read this. Recommended dosing from this article makes it sound like you’d take it exactly like creatine/beta alanine/betaine (i.e. 2x/day). Hmmm…

Just 1g to 3g of HMB can do the trick. For best results, treat it like a carb and take it before your workout.
Save the protein for after the workout to help with recovery.
HMB has a short half-life — about 2.5 hours. Take half your dose in the morning and the other half before going to sleep. Dosage are measured according to body weight. If you are on the lighter side (under 150 pounds) you can take 1g to 2.5g, for those who weigh 170 to 230 pounds, it’s okay to take 3g to 4g per day. The maximum dose is 6g.


I think you can get away with lower then the 3 gram general dose.
This is something that is much cheaper in bulk powder as well. I am unsure of the taste, but can update everyone in around a week most likely.

As for calcium vs free acid, they seem to be fairly on par, but the calcium is cheaper, so get that.


Just threw away my clear muscle honestly. Never felt like it did anything


HMB makes me feel noticeably better if I’m in a caloric deficit or over-trained. As said, it’s a leucine metabolite so pre/post workout would be the most optimal time to take it.


I’m thinking I’m just going to throw it into my twice daily stack. I normally half of it as part of my pre anyway; so it might help. Worst case it will make expensive pee, lol. But I guess that means I should throw in Vitamin D, too. Better start looking for that in bulk then.


I have great news for you about the sun.




Master of comments. @Caribou


If you’re going to take HMB, take it pre workout but an hour or more so it’s in circulation. HMB-CA is cheap bulk, really cheap. It is supposed to help push you into an overreaching phase but personally, it’s never done much for me whether FA or CA. Data on it is mixed.

I wish epicatechin could be found for cheap in bulk so it could be dosed in an appropriate amount.


What’s FA and CA?


Free acid or calcium form


Cool. I think I’m going to pick some of this up and throw it into my 2x daily stack. I’ll at least get half the daily dose as part of my pre that way.