RedCon1 Med+KIT: Everything Your Multivitamin Missed

RedCon1 Med+KIT: Everything Your Multivitamin Missed
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We live in an era of incredible invention, convenience, and luxury. We also live in a time when pollution, grit, grime, and a whole truckload of other toxins wait to infest every ounce of your being. Lucky for you, RedCon1 has developed just what you need to stave off the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Ingredient explainer by CJ:


It’s a good product non the less but there is more than enough room for significant improvements in a possible coming reformulation in order for it to become trully stellar. First of all it lacks follate and vitamin A (should include vit A as mixed carotenoids, methyl versions of follate and b12 and the phosphate version of b6), secondly they can easily and safely up the dosage of d3 up to 1000/2000ius per 1/2 packs. Thirdly they should change the vit E from d-alpha tocopherol to mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols and also increase it a bit maybe to 100/200ius per 1/2 packs. The k2 dose is okish but maybe they could (should) also up it slightly if they wanted it. Maybe also add in some Alpha Lipoic Acid since it would synergize well with NAC and the other antioxidants. Lastly the med+kit kind of seriously lacks a multi-mineral formula, so they probably should include some hefty mineral doses, preferably chelated versions and pay some attention to not include a large calcium dose since it competes for absorption with other minerals like zinc. Just my two cents for an otherwise very good product! Keep up the good work guys!