RedCon1 Launches at Vitamin Shoppe and it's Their Biggest Ever!

RedCon1 Launches at Vitamin Shoppe and it's Their Biggest Ever!


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Well what took the store so long? RedCon1 has the largest-ever sports nutrition launch at the corporate nutrition retailer Aaron Singerman and the team at RedCon1 are very proud to announce that they are launching nationwide at Vitamin Shoppe, and it’s the store’s biggest ever sports nutrition launch! The RedCon1… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


tier 1 operators response…

(love that move, and gif)


“100% Compliant” products… One quick glance at a few of the formulas and this statement was immediately false. DMHA, Noopept & Octopamine are not permissible dietary ingredients lol… This is 100% a cash grab until the FDA begins enforcing on retailers selling these ingredients. Hopefully they make enough money off of it to balance any potential lawsuits.


i think total war removed the DMHA, a while back. not sure what has the Noopept & Octopamine in it.

but i do believe RedCon is now 100% compliant


All of those ingredients they have removed my dude…you’re a little behind


your post is a 100% ass grab.

or cash, which ever


All the links at the bottom of the article were to formulas that still contained them, so that’s what I was referring to. If they removed them then great.


That must have been an old link lol they removed them forever ago


Yes… 100% compliant. We have nothing in any products to be concerned about and all the products, labels, and even the site have had lawyers look over them for any future issues.

We couldn’t be any more excited for the June 1st VS release! We will also have 8 SKUs in GNCs nationwide come July!