RedCon1 50% Off Fat Burners

RedCon1 50% Off Fat Burners


50% off fat burners (I believe that’s double tap, powder and pill, then silencer as well) with code BURN50. Deal starts tomorrow and I believe it’s for the app only


That should be the Wednesday App Deal! Great time to grab that Summer Shred Stack of Double Tap and Silencer!

Deal should cover all 3 above!


  • Silencer is NON STIM so recommended to take a serving (2 pills) in the AM and another 2 in the POM (before bed)
  • Doubt Tap Powders do contain more ingredients (such as dandelion root extract) since its a powder form but both formals will provide the same affect!


Is the deal officially announced now? Only knew it was coming from a behind the scenes peek on the RedCon1 Instagram story


Has not been announced yet. I dont know for certain if that is the App Wednesday deal…


It is now LIVE!

It is an app only deal so if you dont have it go and download the FREE RedCon1 App!