Question. Liquid Multi?

Random thought for the Board. I have cut way back on the number of capsules I take per day, and could not feel better. But still want to assure that I get in my daily vitamins and minerals. Does anyone have any experience with a Liquid multi?

As always, asking for a friend.

Gaspari Anavite comes in a powder. You could give it a shot, but personally, most multi’s are capped due to the ingredient profile

You, my friend, are a wealth of knowledge

Just tell your friend to get some gummies bro :rofl:

Animal makes a powdered multi that I quite like. The orange flavor is solid

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Thank you A

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You’re welcome B

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I’m stocked up on Inspired Multi… But I’m looking at Morphogen Nutrigen for January.

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This looks interesting

Nutrigen is a greens powder not a multi with added vitamins. Not anywhere near what their multi does offer at Morphogen.

morphodonis would be the choice from morphogen for a multi.

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Calling it a greens powder is half the story at best. It has a full vitamin & mineral profile, all dosed at 100% RDV. That’s why I’m looking to order one.

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That’s fair. I’m just suggesting what might fit Bill’s request.

I have the blueberry açaí it tastes great but still would not replace what Ben offers as a true multi. Could it help fill the gaps for Bill possibly, but I’d roll with animal pak or anavkte for that sole multi purpose.

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I’m not the greatest fan of Gaspari these days but I do miss the Anavite powder.

Animal Pak foams like crazy but the cherry flavor was my favorite. Orange is actually really close to having a real orange.

Neither am I about Gaspari after they really did @Dougefresh93 and @DanielMoo wrong. It was just an alternative.

Big fan of both Animal Pak flavors for how they flavored the multi. It is not over the top expensive either.


karma won out in the end there.


This reminds me a little of Core Greens.
And I appreciate everyone’s feedback. I just can’t (as I get older) swallow 12 capsules a day anymore. And honestly, I haven’t taken a true Multi in about a month…I feel fine…But want to provide assurance.

I did read a little about these folks from several podcasts

Got the same thing from my father recently actually. Glucosamine pills were tough on his throat so recently switched him over to powder

Just remembered that Controlled Labs makes Orange Triad + Greens in powder. I ran a tub a while ago. The orange flavor what just meh.

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