Quest Nutrition Sold for $1 Billion to Simply Good Foods

The Simply Good Foods Company has agreed to acquire the popular and widely available Quest Nutrition. Simply Good Foods is the owner of the low-carb food brand Atkins, and is purchasing Quest for the colossal cash amount of $1 billion.

Quest Nutrition’s president and CEO Dave Ritterbush says “The Simply Good Foods team has a strong track record in building leading nutrition brands and I feel that Quest will fit perfectly in their overall mission. As part of Simply Good Foods, Quest will benefit from the combination of two great organizations focused on providing consumers with healthier food choices.”

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I know Marc Lobliner has already made a video about this news but it has to be eye-opening/shocking to all those (Marc included) who have bashed Quest for many reasons over the years and created a competing product in the marketplace.

If the Outright bar is as good as everyone says it is, then a $1 billion valuation shouldn’t be that far away :thinking:

Quest is mainstream, while Marc and Outright bars are popular and very well liked, they aren’t in the same league as Quest, as far as sales, and value.

with that being said Quest Bars suck, and I love Outright Bars

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Not at the moment but I’m sure that is his end goal, especially since the initial release videos were always bashing Quest bars (texture and ingredients).

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All one has to do is look at McDonalds…the food is awful…but they do really really well…

Globally they are doing well, not so much in the US at the moment.

Yup. Estimated annual revenue has really dropped through the years

Great move for a company that had peaked, not sure how many more doors this gets them into though