Protein Oats Recipe

Protein Oats Recipe

Moving away from eggs for a bit. I’m experimenting with mixing protein with oats/cream of rice as a new breakfast and post workout meal.

Normally, I’ve had issues adding the protein powder in at the end, making the consistency kinda chalky.

Anyone have any secrets or recipes they want to share?

Your buddy Dan at Ghost has claimed to have the perfect recipe in multiple YouTube videos. Maybe reach out to him.

I will mix…

  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal
  • 1 scoop of protein (cinnamon flavored works well)
  • 1 scoop Onnit FatButter Snickerdoodle
  • add water

Mixing a beaten egg or two into the milk/water and (flavored) oats before microwaving makes a pretty good custard tbh but the sugar probably throws your macros off.

The extra starch in the water with porridge SHOULD keep the protein from curdling if you mix it prior to cooking, and if you can cook it in without curdling, that would be good for improving texture.

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Use a touch more water. If it is “Chalky” they are coming out too thick.
I have always found cooking them on a slower heat (medium power) allows them to thicken up perfectly and mixing in the protein, cocoa, pb2 or any other additions afterwards causes no issue. That can be said for vegan, whey, whey blends, or isolates.

Granted the type of protein you use will vary the amount of thickness of the final product.
Less liquid for isolates (or else it is soup)
More liquid for casein/vegan (due to thickness)
Whey blends will vary, some mix on the thick side, some are thin.

It is all trial and error on this one to perfect it.
The same can be said with COW/COR (Cream of Wheat/Rice)

Glad you took the advice on the eggs. I know you personally hate to see them go, but for a lot of people they do cause indigestion/GI issues. They are pretty hard on the stomach (Whole and egg whites). I have limited my egg consumption and found it to do a lot of good for my overall digestion.

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It’s odd - I usually clear out my gut by morning and have an empty and gurgling stomach. Can’t remember the last time my gut felt empty - so I’m switching up foods for a bit.

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Glad you took the advice and start listening to your body, and digestion. That is key! We have to make sure we are absorbing the nutrients we eat! Good on you for doing that.

Mixing “pre cooked” is what usually gives me the biggest fit.

I love oats cooked on the stove versus microwave; just don’t have a stove at my office! Haha. So, microwave is my only option for fresh oats.


Just talked to him. Said it’s the technique. Haha. Make a protein sludge and then mix it in with the cooked oats.

I’ll be trying in about 30min for my post workout meal. Stay tuned…


I have never had an issue just mixing it into the oatmeal.
Do you always cook on a high heat? Try a lower heat (medium) so the protein does not congeal when being mixed in hotter liquid.

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Update: Dan’s approach was a home run. Perfect Proats!

EDIT: I used Ghost Nutter Butter Whey in this (80g oats, blended into a fine powder; 1.5 scoops of whey; 1 tspn of Peanut Butter). I also crumbled up two nutter butters and threw on top (not pictured) - because WTH, it’s post workout and I’m upping calories for a 2021 comeback. ; )

Interesting note - I am still hungry after eating my usual breakfast (2 whole eggs from local chickens, 6 egg whites, 80g of oats (54g carbs). I am not sure why, but the Proats filled me up pretty good.



Dan would not steer you wrong (at least I hoped not when I made the suggestion) :sunglasses:

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It was a game changer. Adding the whey directly to the hot oats almost cooks it a bit and give it a slight unpleasant grit and alter the taste.

This “whey” worked wonders.

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Oh boy…