PROMO - Nutrabio WPI NEW FLAVOR Strawberry Ice Cream

Who wants to try the New Strawberry Ice Cream WPI?

I have 2 two pound tubs of the Brand New Strawberry Ice Cream 100% Whey Protein Isolate up for grabs.

Let’s hear how creative you are…
If you had to use this Strawberry Ice Cream WPI in your Thanksgiving Dinner Meal, How would you do so? :slight_smile:

I’ll be picking winners Tuesday, November 20th in the AM :slight_smile:

18+ Years Old
USA (48 Continental States) Only
MUST Rate and Review Product and Flavor in Review Section
Quality Reviewers - Photos, Details, Videos are a plus :slight_smile:

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Man this sounds tasty! A fruit smoothie using this would by my daily go-to but if I had to get creative and use it as part of my thanksgiving meal, my first thought would be a Strawberry Cheesecake. I’d use this in the cheesecake base, add a nice graham cracker crust, swirl in some strawberry sauce, and top with some fresh strawberries and whip cream. This would probably also go great mixed into a homemade cranberry sauce, rather than that gross gelatinous stuff that comes in cans lol.

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Yeah man, this is gonna be amazing!

I like the cranberry sauce idea, strawberry ice cream protein mix in the cranberries would be a fun little treat!!!

That sounds BANGING good.

You guys took care of me for the PRE bottle, so I will have to let other PricePlow members get in on this one.

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You’re reviews are quality buddy!!

This is an amazing addition to our already amazing WPI!

Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

Not traditional but cheesecake would be delicious!:cake:

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Easy one for me, I’d make actual strawberry ice cream with it.

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Maybe going Italian with mixing it with sweet ricotta to make strawberry ice cream connoli.

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That would be something interesting, with a strawberry ice cream drizzle on top!

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Think I got this in the mail!!! Excited to test

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Oh man, you know it’s gonna be good!

Completely redone strawberry flavor :yum:

Keep the entries coming in here, our completely reformulated Strawberry Ice Cream WPI!!!


Awesome man, glad to hear your love for Nutrabio :slight_smile:

And that sounds like a great idea!!!

Good luck all

I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but I would mix it with some greek yogurt and put that in a pie crust for a no bake dessert. Maybe even an Oreo cookie crust for the chocolate strawberry flavor combo.

Ooooh giddy, the last strawberry flavored protein I picked up and still trying to choke down left such a bad aftertaste I fear it may have nearly ruined my taste for any other strawberry flavored proteins…but that pic and the fact it’s ice cream flavored, bring it on. As far as working it into Thanksgiving, would def lend itself into being made into strawberry ice cream sitting atop a slice of freshly baked apple pie.

Good luck guys! This one sounds awesome. I got a tub of the Cherry Limeade PRE so I’ll sit this one out. Looking forward to seeing the reviews.

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Looking good guys, keep them coming in!

I’ll be picking winners tomorrow morning :slight_smile:


Great promo! I’ll sit this one out since I won the PRE promo.

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Please PM me your complete shipping info (including phone and email)
And Post your reviews links in this thread upon a through testing of the New Flavor!

Can’t wait to hear what you all think and be sure to let me know if anything comes up!

Thanks for everyone who entered and we are on the move here to expand our flavors, so be on the look out.
Also Remember us in the Stak3d Protein Wars


Yaaaaaaaay! Incoming dear Sir Rock

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