PROMO - Nutrabio PRE Pump X

PROMO - Nutrabio PRE Pump X


Here it is…

Nutrabio PRE-PUMP X
Mark Glazier Signature Series

When we asked Mark Glazier (Nutrabio CEO and Founder)
“what pre workout would you make, if price wasn’t a factor?”

This was his response…

We are waiting on final art and label approval, which will be up ASAP

So this is an Absolute WITHOUT COMPROMISE product, and is NOT intended to be used everyday.
At 58 gram a serving (roughly $3 a serving cost) you will only want to use this for extreme days.
Our team tested this out, which resulted in an over 3 hours workout - including
heavy squats, deadlifts, bench and lots of pump sets.

We are giving you all a one of a kind opportunity.

I have a few TUBS, not samples, to give out.

Tell me about your most recent “extreme” workout.
Heavy weight, Super sets, Drop Sets, Length, Sweating, Pumped, Veins and Strength.


I only want serious reviewers!
These reviews need to be outstanding (pictures of product, powder, mixed and effect on you)
Very detailed, throughout and every experience you have with this product.

Post a link to your best review

Age: 18+
USA (48 Continental State)
High Quality Members

Thought out apps, thought out reviews - this is a MASSIVE opportunity show me you want it!


Oh man… The moment we’ve all been waiting for! I’m fully committed to purchasing, but I’ll take my stab at a giveaway opportunity! :smiley:

Most extreme workout… Hmm… While I wish I had a bloody deadlift story to tell, I did have a close to blacking out deadlift experience. Recently I’ve been adding in more volume with my training, including high volume deadlifts. On my 3rd/final top weight set, I was already feeling pretty winded, went for the attempt and by the end of the set, I was seeing my world turn black around me. It was really weird - never blacked out before. It was like my vision field was being filled with black, and all I was able to see was like looking through a mini peep hole lol. Once I let go of the bar on the last rep, I nearly fell over from dizziness. Soon after that, nearing the end of my session, lat pulldowns had my arms turning red with some good blood pressure with my forearms going numb from the pump. By the time I was done and went to shower, I saw myself in the mirror and looked totally bigger from a massive waist up pump I had. Like literally I felt like I balloon’d and deflated (very sad </3) by the time I got to work.

That’s one of my most extreme feeling workouts. Historically I’ve never done high volume deadlifting, but that day it really got me good!


I would try this in a heartbeat. However I’ll look at the profile and buy it if it’s good so only in for support.

For an extreme workout, I would probably place my U/L sessions as more extreme. I usually do 6 sets, starting like this 20/15/12/8/4/15

On an upper day, that’s flat bench, incline bench, bent over rows, deads, bicep curls, either close grip bench or French press, all done with sets as I mentioned with weights increases/decreases as you go. Plus some accessory work.

It takes a couple of hours but you’re whipped afterwards. Sore as all hell.


Most recent extreme workout was working up to a heavy set of 5 on squats. After warming up I know 405 would be a go and wanted to test the waters. After 3 reps is when I Started to have my legs shake. The last two reps were absolute ball busters. On the last rep I thought for sure I was going to fail but took me about 15 seconds to grind out the rep. I sat down and looked on the mirror and I popped several blood vessels in my eye and the whole right side of my face was dark red from doing it. I got very dizzy and had to sit down for 10 minutes to regain my focus so I could keep training. Needless to say the rest of the workout was pretty low key after almost pushing myself to my grave


In to bump this.

This was before my last meet. Coach said “Squat a heavy triple with reverse bands, establish an opener for bench (95ish %, not hard but heavy), and then finish by deadlifting 600 for as many reps as possible.”
I squatted 585x3, benched 380, and deadlifted 600x4. I think I had 5. I ended up squatting 600, benching 400, and deadlifting 660 in competition soon after.


Are you trying to win this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Man that’s serious there and no better place than Diesel!!!


Darn can’t enter this one it seems, but given the shipping issues last time I understand.


Extreme workout? Well mine sure as hell wasnt conventional. Me and my main lifting bro did a hardcore street workout about a week ago in place of leg day.

Warmup with a half mile jog (up and down my street)
Loosen up, then got right into barbell deadlifts. (He weighs about 30 more pounds than me but we’re about equal in strength, so we ran the same weights throughout)

Already off to a solid start, sweating like animals in the heat. Shook ourselves out and ran another quarter mile. Soon as we got back, threw my baby into neutral and pushed her down the street as far as we could. Got about 50meters before we were both exhausted. Rested up, went again twice more, although with much less success.

Next up, empty barbell on our backs, lunges all the way up and down the street together. When the other couldn’t do any more, we transferred. Buddy systems like that build a confidence and respect for each other that I love. Finally we finished by doing buddy carries as well. Pick the other up in a fireman carry and run as far as you could before you gave up, then you switched. Only made it about halfway before we were both done for, so hoping to give it another try soon (but not too soon)

Picture of said baby, curb weight 3606lbs in case you were curious


This looks AMAZING! I’m on summer break from College (University of Houston) so i have all the time in the world to workout.

The most extreme workout I have done is Jim Stoppani Super Shredded 8 program. (His products don’t compare to Nutrabio). It has tons of super sets with 6 tabatas in the workout. Extremely low rest periods. The program was brutal but I got stronger, lost weight and achieved decent amount of muscle!


Ohhhh hell yea. Sharing this one!!!


Can’t wait to read the reviews on this product. Good luck everyone


When does this contest end? Because I just filmed a quick video and need to know how soon I have to get it edited and up. Thanks!!


I haven’t put a date on it yet, the label and art should be release early this week. But let’s say as an estimate Monday June 11th winners to announced!

Thank for sharing this big guy​:muscle::muscle::muscle:!
It’s gonna be awesome!


I would love to try this and I have a very unique standpoint on why I would want to buy this product. Before I get into what is my most extreme workout I want to give a bit a background information on myself (Which will hopefully make sense of why my workout is what it is). I am a full time student in Siena College and work full time. Which only allows me about 4-6 hours every Sunday to workout and I take more than full advantage of those hours to crush my routine. Every workout is my most extreme workout. Currently I take no supplements because I honestly can’t afford and don’t know which one brand and which supplements to honestly buy. My workout consist from working out just once a week every sunday from 2-8 pm. I do a whole body routine which consist of a full body workout that leaves me sore for about 4-5 days. I know full body workouts aren’t the most optimal for many reasons but I only have one day to train and figure might as well go all out. I start off with chest where I do 4 sets of 8 reps with 225, which i then move on to incline bench press with 205 for 3 sets 10 reps, which i go on to dips and a incline dumbbell fly. Then i move one to a OHP for shoulders which i work up to 185 for 3 sets of 10 super setted with upright rows, I move on to front raises and side lateral raises. And end shoulders with rear delt flys i think its called on the chest fly machine when one puts the machine completely closed. Around this time i genuinely feel dead. But i know i have to keep on going because i can’t came any other day to train. I move on to back where i start with bent over barbell rows with 185 for 4 sets of 6. I move on to lat pull downs, then dumbell rows, and end back with deadlifts at 225 for 3sets of 10. After back i super set arms i start with close grip bench with 225 for 3 sets of 6 and super set it with spider curls. Then i go to skull crushes super seated with include dumbell curls. After i do v bar push downs super setted with hammer curls. And end upper body. Which leads to a 20 minute rest period of drinking tons of water. After i feels recovered i do 4 sets of 10 with 185 on squats. 3 sets of 15 on Seated leg extensions, 4 sets of 10 for calf raises and end it with machine plated leg presses. I workout on average about 4 hours to 4 and a half but with the rest i take about 5 and a half hours every sunday. I know its a lot of bro science and prob not the best way to train but I feel if i don’t hit every muscle then I’m neglecting one. I hope my reply was not to long but i would love to try this pre workout to hopefully keep me feeling up during my entire workout and give me extreme endurance and just overall a better workout.


Dang man, taking care of business during that workout. I remember when I was in college and has a few semesters where I could only lift 3 days a week and it was rough but made it and glad to hear you’re able to make it happen, when most would say forget it. Keep doing it man!!!


Here for support. Would love to log this, but just had a kid and wouldn’t be able to dedicate the proper time. Thinking it would be great for those 3 hour of sleep workouts


I’m in the same boat. Would LOVE to try, but realistically y’all would end up hounding me for updates while I struggle through exams, @Double-s lived that life for a while :cold_sweat:


Thank you so much for the response I appreciate it man and hope you guys consider me for one of the potential candidate for this giveaway. I would love to use it to help me throughout my work out. Thanks again brother if I don’t win it was awesome sharing a bit of my self and workout with everyone.


My current workout is crazy! I do 6 minutes on the stepper b4 and after each body part lift and do 1 minute of cardio in between each set! Lost 105lbs in the past year and decided to work towards a 6 pack summer! Get shredded!! :muscle:


Looking really solid here guys, pushing to get the label and art approval.

But in the meantime keep the entries coming and get a chance to get your hands on this extremely limited product by Nutrabio