PROMO - Nutrabio Brand of Year

PROMO - Nutrabio Brand of Year

:rotating_light: BODYBUILDING.COM BRAND OF THE YEAR CONTEST :rotating_light:

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We are honored to announce that we have been selected as a nominee of the 2019 @bodybuildingcom Awards for “BRAND OF THE YEAR” :trophy:

We need your help to bring the title of the Top Brand of the Year home, BioCrew!

In honor of this nomination and as a thank you to all those who have supported us and helped us get to this level, we are throwing a massive giveaway for all who vote for us!

Enter to win your chance at one of 3 :free: stacks which include our best selling 100% WPI, Alpha EAA, Reload and FitRider Shaker by doing the following:

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Voted for you yesterday and already this morning.

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That is referred to here as the ‘Chicago Way’

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bodybuilding dot com’s own brand is up for brand of the year… LOL


What is worse, that or their in store reviews.
Both make you shake your head.
brb lets have reps from other companies give brand postiive reviews for store credit (#fugitive)

Hell yeah! Got my vote

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Not sure when the expert panel content is coming out, but I had a pretty detailed testimonial for NutraBio in this category. Should be interesting to see what the rest of the panel had to say. For the criteria listed, NutraBio definitely had the best year out of the brands, outside of Redcon1 dominating so hard but they do that every year. NutraBio’s year was one for the books and unprecedented in innovation, marketing expansion, and product releases.

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NutraBio is Hines Ward…tough, resilient, consistent play in and play out, year in and year out.

Agreed. I believe the criteria/rubric they provided us included Innovation/Craft, Consumer Engagement, Flavor, and Release frequency? Don’t quote me on that but in this last year I thought NutraBio excelled in all of those/

Why does there need to be an expert panel when the contest is based off consumer votes? or do the votes not matter and the “Panel” Decides the winners ahead of time?

I am really conused now. What is the point of voting then?

The contest is still based on consumer votes, my writing has zero implications on who wins…directly at least. People may read what I say and use it as information for their choice.

They put us together as a parallel piece of content to show what experts in the industry think about the nominees and what our picks would be. It provides context for the voting.

“Most influential”

Everyone’s voting for Dr. Jym in this category, right?? :rofl:

he will win…

I don’t think it’s a bad thing if he wins. You have to look at the definition of ‘influential’. And ultimately it’s not a bad thing. He does provide some good information.

When he first hit the scene, the information he provided was good. Now, not so much…IMO

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I appreciate his emphasis on open labels etc…that can only be a good thing. My guess, and I don’t know the Industry as well as you guy’s, is that he is doing very well with the Jym line because while all other companies continue to introduce the ‘latest and greatest’ he keeps to what he has always offered. Nothing has been added or changed minus flavors.

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You mean information that was debunked by science over 10-15 years ago?

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he didn’t even understand what a true transparent label was…

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You guy’s are killing the messenger.

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educating perhaps.

Jim is actually a super nice guy in person, butttt don’t care for his products or version of science much…

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