Primeval Labs Mega-Pre Tryout

Primeval Labs Mega-Pre Tryout


Well, I finally pulled the plug and decided to try the Primeval Labs Mega-Pre. The original, non-stim. I am looking for something not so stimmed to see if this helps me sleep better after my workouts. Not to mention should be better on my high blood pressure.
A1 Supplements is running a special, Buy 1 Get 1 Free so I figured it would be a good time to try it. I got both flavors so I can try them both. I will let you know how I like it.


I really liked it…Peach Mango was awesome…It’s a really good product. Interested in hearing your feedback


Looking forward to hearing!


One of my favorites out there! Flavoring is top tier as always from Primeval.


It was pineapple mango. If it was peach, I wouldn’t get it. I hate anything peach flavored…LOL


Yeah, I haven’t been disappointed in their flavors. This is one company I put off trying for quite some time but in the past year I have started to try them and I really enjoy Primeval products now.


Everything I have tried from them has been really solid.


I received my Mega Pre yesterday in the mail. Today (Thursday) is leg day so I will give it my first test run on Friday, which will be chest day.


Oh damn, I gotta see if that deal is still going!


Mega Pre Black is BOGO at A1 Supps for anyone looking to try it.


Just linked it a little bit ago in the other mega pre black discussion for those interested! :slight_smile:


It is. Thats why I like A1 Supplements, they have a lot of Buy 1 Get 1 deals.


A1 has some amazing deals I agree


I tried the Mega Pre before my chest workout. Killer pumps for sure especially on top of doing a lot of high rep drop sets. I tried the pineapple-mango flavor. It was smooth. Not too sweet. Tasted good. The product appeared to have had some moisture in it and was a little clumpy but it mixed well so no issues. I had no crash and I slept better after my workout. :slight_smile: