Primeval Labs MEGA PRE Brings Bigger Pumps, Better Blood Flow

Primeval Labs MEGA PRE Brings Bigger Pumps, Better Blood Flow


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After a little delay, Primeval Labs is ready to rock the supplement world again with its stimulant free pre workout Mega Pre. If you’ve been following the supplement newswire lately (which includes our YouTube channel), you’re well aware of who Primeval Labs is and have seen the brand making serious… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I’m a little disappointed. I was looking forward to seeing what was in the Beta version that CJ and Robert reviewed. Are you at liberty to say what was in that version?


I don’t know but @Robert might. Not sure of the story on why the switch to stim-free. Stim-free supps almost always sell less than their stim-based counterparts so some people will be bummed after seeing those YouTubes.

Curious about 2g ribose along with 100mcg huperzine A, could still provide a touch of that ‘feel’. Never taken that much Ribose, I know that Matt Porter likes to dose it up too.


I’ve always heard D-Ribose should be dosed 5g+, but I literally never see it dosed that high in supplements.


Definitely a very nice formula, but I’m also interested in seeing what had Robert so excited if he’s at liberty to say.

Depending on the price tag though, MPA Celluvol might still be the king of pump pres.



Easily one of my favorite after trying it.

I would say my favorites ATM

MA Labs MA Pump
Primeval Labs mega Pre
Quake Stim Free
Kraken Pump
Nutrabio Stim Free Pre

if you want to be cheap you could grab some Iforce potassium nitrate caps and mix with agmatine as a very cost effectiev option.


Agree with your list.

Only thing I would add to the list is VasoMax from Performax Labs.

I’d also remove Kraken Pump from the list. To me, if you’re removing stims from a pre, I definitely want some nootropics to still aid focus during a workout. Focus is my favorite aspect of pre workouts in general, and that’s really the only aspect I feel is missing from Kraken Pump after running it.


Did not get much from Vasomax that is why I left it out. I really havent had a good string of luck with their products even using a majority of them.

Intramax mixed very bad
Slinmax i did not get great readings on my BG Monitor even with prolonged use
Vasomax did not provide great pumps compared to others , but I did notice some performance benefits. Nothing that was top tier to others I have tried.


Post has been updated to reflect elevATP now. @Jeremy may be happy with that given above comment!