Primeval Labs INTRACELL BLACK Review!

Primeval Labs INTRACELL BLACK Review!


@Mike Nice review. Gun to head Intracell7 or DemoDay?


Go with the one that fits your carb intake. For me normally that’d be Intracell 7. For me this month, Demo Day :slight_smile:


I don’t track Carbs, but have always been a fan of IntraCell7


This is a more well-rounded intra workout with the EAAs, pumps, and some carbs. Demo Day really is just a carb + GDA supplement.

Crap speaking of carbs I forgot to eat mine today. Off to it

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How do you forget to eat carbs?


Thank you Mike.


I was eating beef and Jill busted out a new pulled pork recipe (whoa there on the apple cider vinegar) and then had a phone call with some crazy guys I know

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That is what happens when you drink too much bulletproof coffee… You become a “Ketard”

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ha you’re gonna like my overall “Keto Diet Review” video coming soon. Blog post is written just need to get up there. Ben’s stuff took priority.

As much as I loathe butterchugging, carbs are annoying to me. I’m quickly finding my way to the one true gospel: carnivorous eating :slight_smile:

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