Primeval Labs EAA Sleep - Get Some Anabolic Rest

Primeval Labs EAA Sleep - Get Some Anabolic Rest


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Need a better night’s sleep? EAA Sleep from Primeval Labs contains the sleep aids and essential amino acids you need to sleep soundly every night. Primeval Labs absolutely crushed 2017 with a ton of well-dosed, effective supplements — headlined by their natural man-maker Neanderthal testosterone booster and the much heralded… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Shouldn’t it have more Tryptophan?


I thought tryptophan supplementation is basically worthless unless your diet is deficient in foods containing it, since your body only processes what it needs. The body processes it into 5-HTP, which it cannot regulate. So it would be better to just take 5-HTP to get any impact to sleep or relaxation. No?


It depends, if you have allot of stuff competing for absorption then you can be deficient in it event though you technically are getting enough.

But yes I’m guessing the typophane is just label dressing so its all of the EAAs, and the HTP-5 is doing the work.

But yes for increasing serotonin HTP-5 is more effective. Just remember it can also reduce dopamine(competing for absorption), and is brutal on the stomach in high doses.