Primeval Adrenal Rush V2 Cherry flavor

Primeval Adrenal Rush V2 Cherry flavor


Anyone had this? A1 has it on BOGO2 plus 10% which knocks out the shipping cost and that’s the flavor left. From what I read, pineapple mango was a good flavor but the others were a hit or miss.


I have not…they are discontinuing the product from what I understand so it may be a case of ‘get it while you can’.


It’s being discontinued like you said. I am curious if it’s a gagger or at least tolerable.


I wish I could tell you - I mean I would tell you if I knew


I had a sample awhile back, it was definitely doable. From what I understand the previous version flavors were horrid. I would jump on it if my PWO stash wasn’t so crazy right now.


I can take doable. I have a heck of a stash but at $13 per container with a formula I can work with, only flavor would hold me back.


They are reformulating to make a new product


Ahhhh…that’s good to know. That was my guess…but it would have been just a guess


It’s their oldest pwo I believe so it makes sense to reformulate. Plus, their Mega Pre needs a stim sidekick.

I’ll probably pick this up. I just do not want a metallic hard artificial flavor that many cherry or berry type flavors have.


Definitely no metallic type flavor IMO.


I imagine only if you drink it with a spoon @Adidasshorts



Thanks Vic btw


I have a sample pack here, if you haven’t already ordered, I can try it tomorrow.


Ok, so it’s like a medicine cherry flavor. It’s torable, but you will not enjoy it.


Thanks MS. This is what my worry was, that it was a medicinal cherry taste.