PricePlow Nation, Meet PricePlow's Newest Co-Host!

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But the question many probably have…does he even lift…bro? :rofl:

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Awesome for you guys and Ben. So he is back with NutraBio?

Yeah does he even eat beef?!

Oh wait… @Extrabeef

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@Extrabeef means extra “more beefy” PricePlow content :blush:

Expanding into the meat market?

Hiring Extra Beef?

Don’t think i don’t see this game you’re playing, @Mike. I’m two steps ahead.

Congrats, Ben! Can’t wait to see the content you guys come up with.

Thanks for the welcome back everyone! So happy to be on board


We’re happy to see you back! Haven’t heard much out of ya in a bit!

Guess he wasn’t diggin the Millennial direction Olympus Labs is on lol

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Wait did @Mike choose @Extrabeef to coincide with the Meat theme?

I’m 26 myself, and a huge fan of millennial lifestyle branding!

Just a fun coincidence :slight_smile:

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This is a great addition
And I didn’t know @Extrabeef was the infamous Ben Kane…

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Oh snap, I just realized I’m older than you, but onlyyyyyyy by a bit

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Let’s discuss…

That video will get a lot of controversy…maybe that would be good

I’d almost like to get together some of the best branders in the industry and talk about what lifestyle is to them. I mean people who have really built brands and understand digital marketing…this could be fun

Get it Ben!

Thanks brother! Next time I’m back out in your area I promise I’ll hit you up.

Sweet! I look forward to it and slaying some sushi!

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