Priceplow & hi-tech=?

I’ve noticed the hi-tech sponsorship has been removed from the site, any official statement?

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Hey, certainly. It’s a combination of a few things, but overall it was time for a good change-up.

  1. First, it’d been all of 2017, and we were running lower on fun things to do and promote. It’d been a while! The banners were getting less clicks, and we had a banner for a product we hadn’t even tested yet.

    Meanwhile, I realized that a lot of the “Hi-Tech Time” I had been spending - going through these legal documents and updating the two lawsuit posts - I am going to continue doing anyway! So with these two things combined, I didn’t think I was adding enough value to them.

  2. The YouTube channel is definitely on the rise, so I want to get Robert and CJ more involved in some new sponsored videos. Think: sponsored workout instructional workout videos (this is actually CJ’s freakin expertise!) that stick around forever.

    This should allow me to pay them more too, which is never a bad thing. Looking at what we’d be doing with any future featured brands (I want to do some various “months of mayhem”), a huge portion of it will actually be solely in CJ’s hands. So this gives us a chance to re-structure our process and pay him more.

  3. This may come most importantly to everyone here, but since DMAA and likely DMHA are on the ropes, we want to have a 100% non-biased evaluation of the “2018 stimulant race”.

    Hi-Tech seems to have chosen the isopropylnorsynephrine + theobromine route, and in our preliminary testing, those products seem to be best-in-class for thermogenic fat burners (Hi-Tech’s bread and butter), but we’re still not so sure about pre workouts. I honestly haven’t tried it yet!!!

So overall, look to us to spice it up. We’ll tell you what’s been sponsored, but you should know pretty quickly (for example, if we did a “How to Squat” video, and you see a “Sponsored by NutraBio #WithoutCompromise” intro and nothing but NutraBio shirts and shaker cups all over the place, you’ll know it was one of those videos) – and those vids stay up forever.

Some of our older instructional videos have gotten a ton of views (example 1, example 2) and I personally think this is a great way for us to reach a new generation of users and provide new sources of long-term value to our sponsors. Note that this is a new idea and I’m sure Hi-Tech would have been down for these too had I pitched them earlier… so maybe we’ll do another Month of Mayhem with them soon!

Thanks for asking. Hope that helps.

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