Pre-Workout Review: Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable

Pre-Workout Review: Dedicated Nutrition Unstoppable



Alpha y is an excellent fat burner due to its alpha receptor actions, and the feel, providing you aren’t one of the people who get anxious off of it, is great.

Hordenine itself does extend other stimulants, its just more potent with the PEAs.
As for me I don’t handle PEA’s after effects well, it feels great for a while but then its depression and nausea.

The sticking point for me is the GMS, which I hate, it never mixes well in my experience.

It seems alpha Y gets good feedback from the people who like it but its a polarizing one.


That shoutout at 6:57! Now it’s my favorite review


Agreed, especially for those who use any kind of SSRI. It seems to have a pretty bad mixed reaction. But the post depression makes me skip on it altogether now. I’ve always thought in the past, that this was the “crash”. Nope it’s worse than a crash. It can’t be healthy (loosely used) to have a constant up and down swing in mood