PRE Historic Supplement? 🤔

PRE Historic Supplement? 🤔



My favorite part of this is the pump matrix. For people with caffeine sensitivity (such as myself) the Theanine really helps taper down the harshness of the stims.

I can send out some samples if anyone wants to try it.


Does anyone have the label?

NVM found it, had it confused for the other prehistoric preworkout


How do you rate this? Like the use of natural sugar and colors.


I really enjoy it. Is it the best? No - but it comes with most benefits of a great preworkout but doesn’t leave you cracked out from stims, once the workout is over. I respond well to large amounts of citrulline as well.

Having the label transparency and no artificial garbage are hits to.

I give it a 8/10, compared to all other preworkouts.


So if its Pre Historic - does it also make it old school?


I guess King Leonidas used it originally.