PNI Prodigy Review

PNI Prodigy Review

Today CJ and I published our PNI Prodigy review video. Watch it below, but it’s long, so my summary is below: Our Prodigy Review Summary I’ve broken it down below. This product is the anti-concentrate. There’s no fillers, but it’s definitely not micro dosed with some miniature scoop. Serious dosages …
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Are you guys going to post where we can get samples?


Hey thanks for stopping by!

PNI might be able to send some samples. I'm developing some technology for a contest that will have two winners: First prize is a full tub, second prize is 3-4 2-serving samples (total of 6-8 workouts). Will drop you an email when it's ready!


Dropped you an email! Got links all over the site for the contest now!