Plexus Edge: Questionably Overpriced Energy Pill?

In case you weren’t aware the entire world is in an energy crisis! Just take a look at the sales of energy drinks, fat burners, pre workout supplements, and even coffee! People are hungry for their energy and can never seem to get enough of the “high” that being on …
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Edge is not absurd in price when compared to the prices of Energy drinks that need to be taken daily......even ONE energy drink costs more than $1 which is what Edge will cost per day. Edge is natural and it truly works all day.......not like these artificial drinks or caffeine pills. Edge gives clarity of mind and focus.......not so for these Energy drinks and caffeine pills that are marketed. So it comes down to this: IF you will NOT get the extra sleep (and you're not b/c you wouldn't be buying Energy drinks and caffeine pills), AND you want something that is easily affordable (yes, it is so don't say it's expensive), AND easy to take (1 capsule per day), AND you want something that is natural and will not harm your body but rather the opposite (unless, of course, you are allergic to an ingredient)........EDGE WORKS and thousands are testifying to that. 30 day supply is NOT expensive at all.