PEScience Alphamine Review: "The Athlete's Energy Drink"

PEScience Alphamine Review: "The Athlete's Energy Drink"



I love the idea, hate the execution. The doses are low and due to the way the prop blend is designed I have to assume is just filler, I would prefer if they just told us what they were under-dosing rather then hiding it.

As with BPI’s products its going to live or die on flavor because its not bringing much of anything else.


It is marketed as an Energy Drink correct? So if it provides just that are we worried about the under-dosing? Not arguing…just wondering out loud. I mean the reality is that if you are able to

  • get through your day
  • have a better workout
  • etc…

Is anyone really going to care if it’s not the proper dosing. It’s accomplished it’s intended effect right? Again just asking…


I’m in agreement here. It’s toted as an energy drink, and not a nootropic


Thank you NN…


Honestly its more that the prop blend is there that annoys me, the dosing I could forgive if I knew what was in it, but the way its designed gives almost no information.

As for the energy drink argument, in my opinion it is 80 cents for the 2 scoops needed to get 16 oz, is sold in bulk and as a powder so it should be bringing at least as much value as an energy drink or one of the cheaper preworkouts.


That’s fair…just curious. I mean personally I could see using it during the day while working or mixing it with Ergonine for example…


Bring back the OG formula


Enduralean by Innovapharm is the same formula as the OG. Look into it if you haven’t


You can now get this at Tiger Fitness, $23 for 84 servings. Solid deal, part of summer clearance