PES Select Vegan Amazing Mint Chocolate

PES Amazing Mint Chocolate Vegan Select


Mint Chocolate – PEScience is replicating thin mint Girl Scout cookies in protein powder form. PEScience took a lesser emphasis on the mint and larger attention to chocolate. The chocolate provides a smooth, creamy, and dense flavor that compliments the mint, as you would expect in a chocolate mint cookie. The mint is not overpowering, but present. If you have had White Chocolate Mint you know the mint is the backend of the flavor. For those who love Thin Mint Cookies or chocolate mint, in general, this will be a top tier flavor. For those (like myself) who don’t prefer mint, this will be a flavor you can throw into the rotation from time and time again.

Peanut Butter Delight
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Mint Chocolate
Cinnamon Delight
Wild Berry

For those who have had PES Select, they know it mixes with ease even for a vegan protein powder. While vegan protein powders are thicker in texture Select has no issues when mixed in 8-10oz of liquid. I prefer using almond milk, but I have had success with water as well. My favorite way to use PES Select Vegan is mixed with a 6oz yogurt and 1 scoop of protein. This forms a very thick protein pudding that is great for topping on rice cakes, mixing with cereal, and throwing in a fruit.


Calories - 110
1.5g Fat
5g Carb
20g Protein

Protein Pea and Brown Rice Protein
Cocoa Powder
Naturally Flavored